A music piece was specially created to celebrate this wine. It was composed by the conductor Vasco Negreiros (and the surname is no mere coincidence), founder and director of the group Vocal Ensemble.

Throughout time, wine has been the object of innumerable pieces of music – for what it represents, the effects it produces, and also for what its production process inspires. But, in this chapter, specifically, the tone has always been given by the bucolic scene of the beautiful blushing girl picking up the grapes. Perhaps no one has included, at least not with the radical approach with which Vasco Negreiros does it, the most industrial, modern, metallic, electric, part of the vinification process (destemmer, pumps, stainless steel lids clacking, in sum, winery noise). And these are not simulated or even stylised noises. They are the noises of the winery, 'harvested' there (in fact, the six totally human voices were recorded at the winery).