Quinta das Amendoeiras has been in the Negreiros family since the 1940s, when it was bought by Joaquim Trigo de Negreiros, father of the current owner. This acquisition marked the return of the family to the Douro, from where they had departed during the phylloxera plague at the end of the 19th century.

No one knows precisely when the winery was built. What is known is that the winery produced Port wine which was sold to Cockburn’s. When this company acquired the neighbouring Quinta dos Canais and built there a state-of-the-art winery, Quinta das Amendoeiras dismantled its own winery and started selling its in-natura grapes to Cockburn’s to whom it also passed, according to a loan for use agreement, all the oak casks that for decades had been used for its Port
After being dismantled, the scent of the must could no longer be smelt at the winery of Quinta das Amendoeiras. Neglected, it was first converted into an improvised warehouse for all odd bits and pieces and, after that, it deteriorated until it fell almost into ruins.

In 2004 the Negreiros family decided to rehabilitate the winery in order to produce a DOC Douro red wine. The ‘new’ winery was up and running in a very short time… and the grapes from the 2004 harvest were the first to pass through its doors.

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